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Effortless Performance Tracking and Never-Missed Uptime with Us!

At Webberstop, we are committed to optimizing server performance and minimizing downtime, delivering unparalleled reliability for your operations. Our services enable you to easily monitor key performance indicators like Memory consumption, CPU Usage, processes, disk, services and network utilization of your servers. You’re alerted on highest priority in case of downtime or any other issue. With our help you are able to monitor your websites or servers anytime anywhere and anytime as often as in 1 minute.

The regular monitoring of any website or server is as crucial as having antivirus software installed in your machine or taking backups of your server. All the advanced technologies available in the market have made the websites & server architectures much complex than ever before. This is because it is of utmost important to check if the applications one is using are over or under consuming.

The main reason for performance monitoring is to check an application’s


To check and enhance the response time of an application


To check the stability of an application and minimize failures under increased load conditions


To determine the maximum user/transaction load that an application can sustain Also, to increase the capacity of load bearing of any application if required

The consistent and efficient monitoring of your servers helps you to

Identify any problem before it occurs

Know immediately when problems arise

Cut the downtime and business losses

Plan your budget necessary for IT upgrades

 Now, you can have the facility of taking informed decisions and increase the performance of your servers by monitoring all the critical components and services of your infrastructure. Initiate proactive monitoring of your applications and servers across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Our server monitoring platform is the ideal solution and can help you in many ways such as

Global Network

Your servers are monitored from multiple locations. Our monitoring nodes are fully capable servers located in carrier-class data centers like SoftLayer (IBM), Amazon and more.

Get notified when something happens

Receive immediate alerts if something wrong happens.

Get the reports to show your points

We Keep Detailed Logs of Every Check, Empowering You with Precise Data for Informed Decision-Making.

Maintain contact lists

Maintain multiple contact and notification lists in case of making any downtimes.

No False Alerts

Our system waits for three consecutive failures from different locations before sending an alert. Our Monitoring Nodes Work completely independently, Ensuring No Data Sharing and Maximum Security. These design characteristics ensure that it is virtually impossible for us to send a false alert.

Website Monitoring

Track the response time of your websites and performance from different geographical locations across the globe

Full-page load monitoring

Discover that how much time it takes to load a complete HTML page in real browsers

Database Monitoring

Remotely monitor the performance and availability of your database servers

Email Uptime Monitoring


DNS Monitoring

Monitor the resolution and DNS functionality


Share Reports with public with confidence.

Inventory Management

Store managed and unmanaged device information for all of your assets.

Ease of Use

The clean intuitive interface in monitoring engine makes it easy to learn and get productive quickly. Monitoring Demands a Structured Approach, Not to Be Taken Lightly. Having a clearly defined plan and Goals is Essential. Our Focus on Monitoring is to Quickly Resolve Any Server Performance Hiccups. According to the nature of the application that the server is running, there will be mission-critical services you have to watch constantly 24/7. This helps to understand a system's resource usage which in turn improves the capacity planning and provides a better end-user experience.

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